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August 13, 2017 by PuterDudeJim
March 18, 2009 by PuterDudeJim
3DX backdrops for the Object Dock weather docklet. Just unzip these and go to your stardock directory in program files. Object Dock/docklets/weather. Find the image called backdrop.png.Add a .bak to the end of it. Then copy one of my 63 into the folder, rename it backdrop.png. Just repeat this whenever you want to change backdrops. I hope you enjoy!

Get them here.
April 12, 2006 by PuterDudeJim
    Anyone know of some free wallpapers and savers for dual monitors?
April 3, 2006 by PuterDudeJim
Does anybody know how to help me? I need to make the wmp visual. appear in a frame and control its position on the desktop.  Please help me, it's driving me nuts!!!  Using desktop x.
March 20, 2006 by PuterDudeJim
I am trying to create a media player that uses wmp  visualizations. How do I get the visualization window to stay where I want it? Any help is greatly appreciated.
March 8, 2006 by PuterDudeJim
How do I add plugins to DX?  I have some downloaded but don't know how to install. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
March 3, 2006 by PuterDudeJim
I have been working on a widget I just call the player and have added a few buttons such as, prev. and next visualization, show and hide visualization. When I close the widget, I get an error message. Runtime Error!   Program: ...801-451C-A1AE-84F2989DD609}\Kenwood Basic With Video.exe      R6025   -pure virtual function call    The dialog says Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. Can anyone help me?